Suspended Ceiling Installation Sydney

Looking for a suspended ceiling installation? At Plaster Sydney we spacealize in metal framwork for ceiling tiles and plasterboard bulkhead ceilings. Call as for a free quatation on your false ceiling installation.

Suspended Ceilings Tiles and Panels Sydney Installation

While working closely with the demands of the clients, we give in our hundred per cent input to make your drop ceilings look well designed and durable. Moreover, we emphasize using the recent technological developments that are leading in the construction industry. We follow the norms and guidelines that are issued by the authorities.

Gyprock Suspended Ceiling Sydney

Suspended ceilings are dropped ceilings that are installed below the original concrete ceiling with the help of metallic tracks and wires. They create a void of 10 to 30 centimetres between the original ceiling and themselves. This space can be used for multiple purposes like hiding wires and services and building a base for the lighting systems.
Commercial office spaces usually prefer suspended ceilings because of the various advantages it offers. Apart from hiding the undesirable elements of the room like piping, electrical wiring, and ductwork, it also provides an excellent soundproofing mechanism, and it is also a synonym of style and design.


     Suspended Plasterboard Ceilings

    This type of ceiling is best for you if you don’t want to spend money on repetitive maintenance. Moreover, this type of bulkhead requires more space for installation. Further, the suspended plasterboard ceilings consist of four parts, namely wall angle, framing body, hanging system, and plasterboard sheets. We put our focus primarily on the metal framework and hanging system as it helps in distributing weight.

    Concealed Grid Suspended Ceilings

    These false ceilings provide a modern and classy look to the room. These are built with a metal structure that offers excellent support to the ceiling panels. The primary quality of this ceiling system is that it completely changes the look of the place by providing it with an attractive appearance.

    Exposed Grid Suspended Ceilings

    The third option is the exposed grid ceiling tiles or panels. An interesting thing about the exposed grid ceiling is that it is the most common type in commercial ceiling installation. It is widely used in bathrooms and offices. The reason behind this is that you can easily install LED light panels in these tiles. If you are starting your own office, we will make sure that it looks super attractive with the exposed grid ceiling.

    Gyprocker installing a plasterboard on metal ceiling framework

    Why Get Suspended Ceilings?

    After the suspended ceiling installation, you will see that all the pipes protrusions, AC ducts, cracks, and seepage is fixed. It is also an energy-saving decision to install false ceilings. The volume of the room decreases with the low ceilings that work to conserve energy. The AC will work more efficiently hence, reducing your power consumption in the long run.
    Moreover, you will observe there is way less heat transfer from the actual ceiling to the ceiling panels. It will act as a barrier between the two. This way, you can keep your place cool in the summertime and warm in the cold seasons. The suspended ceilings also act to soundproof your environment by reducing the noise, leaving and entering the room. It can also provide enough fire resistance with specific materials used in the plasterboard.
    It does not have to be a dull, boring grid ceiling; you can play with lights and fixtures as well. Every corner can be individually customized, improving the functioning and appearance with speakers, light fixtures, motion and fire detectors, sprinklers, etc.

    Why should you choose our Sydney Suspended Ceiling?

    We have the most reliable team to serve with ceiling repairs and installation with the best tools and materials in the industry.

    • We use durable and sturdy materials.
    • The ceiling is easy to install.  
    • We consider the appropriate thickness and size.  
    • No-mess and disturbance installation.  
    • We make sure of hygiene and post-work cleaning.
    Gyprocker plastering ceiling gyprock


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