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At Plaster Penrith, we understand the importance of plastering and plaster repairs in creating a beautiful home. Our experienced team of plaster professionals can provide you with quality plastering services, from gyprock repair to steel framing and suspension ceiling installations. We have years of experience handling plaster projects, both large and small, so you can trust that your plastering needs will be taken care of efficiently and professionally.

Whether it is a sagging ceiling or any other form of plasterwork, our plasterers will be able to accurately assess the job and provide you with an accurate quote. We use only high-quality materials like Gyprock for plaster installation as well as various tools to achieve the desired results quickly and effectively.

Here at Plaster Penrith, we also specialise in steel framing and suspended ceiling installations. We have a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in plastering techniques and can get the job done right, the first time. We value quality workmanship and always strive to exceed your expectations with every plaster-related project that we take on. So if you’re looking for someone who can handle plaster projects professionally then look no further than Plaster Penrith! Contact us today to learn more about our plastering services and how we can help you with all your plastering needs.

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Plaster Penrith

Plaster Penrith is the leading provider of Sydney plastering.

At Plaster Penrith, we offer various services, including plastering, steel framing, gyprock repair and installation, sagging ceiling repairs and suspended ceiling installations. Our experienced plaster experts have years of experience in plastering services and can help you create the perfect plaster finishes for your home or office. Our plastering services are comprehensive, from start to finish. We make sure that all aspects of the plaster job are taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about any aspect being overlooked or left unfinished. We understand how important a good plaster job can be when it comes to finishing a project, which is why we always strive for excellence in our plaster Sydney services.


    Steel track and channel on a wall ready for the plasterboard to be install

    Steel Framing

    Steel framing is an efficient and durable construction method that has become increasingly popular in modern times. It is a reliable structure with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it perfect for residential and commercial buildings alike. Framing with steel also eliminates plasterboard joints and plaster coverings, ensuring a smooth, even finish. As such, it represents an ideal option for architects looking to undertake very precise projects with minimal effort in the long run. Steel framing can either be prefabricated onsite or offsite depending on the size of the project, saving time and keeping costs down for businesses.

    Gyprock repair

    Gyprock repair is a commonplace task in the construction industry. This plaster-based material is particularly susceptible to damage, whether through accidents, wear-and-tear or poor installation. As such, it is essential for those experienced in plaster work to intervene and conduct satisfactory repairs. When you are looking for a tradesperson to fix your plaster ceilings or walls, look no further than your local experts in gyprock repair. Trained professionals will guarantee an effective solution quickly and efficiently – setting your mind at ease that these plaster surfaces will remain as good as new!

    How to fix a hole on gyprock wall
    Gyprocker installing a plasterboard on metal ceiling framework

    Sagging ceiling

    When plaster ceilings start to sag, it can be more than an eyesore. Sagging ceilings are an all too common issue in many homes, often caused by plaster and damp walls. The plaster slowly starts to break away from the supports, resulting in an uneven ceiling that can put stress on other parts of the house. Fortunately, this issue is usually very easy to fix with a plasterboard patch-up and plaster over plus additional support layers as needed. To make sure the job is done right, always consult a professional who knows how to properly address sagging ceilings and will be able to detect any underlying issues while they are at it. Don’t let the sagging ceiling worry you, just make sure you hire the right professionals for help!

    Gyprock installation

    Installing plasterboard (commonly referred to as gyprock) is an essential step in constructing the walls and ceilings of many modern buildings. Not only does plasterboard ensure the strength and durability of these structures, but it is also more cost-efficient than traditional plaster. With highly experienced technicians, we provide plasterboard installation services for commercial and residential clients wishing to undertake any kind of refit or remodelling project. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of plasterboard installation, from initial planning to decisive execution on site. Whether you are looking for a complete wall overhaul or some bespoke plastering solutions, we guarantee quality service every time. Put your trust in our professional plasterboarding team and let us take care of your construction needs!

    Livingroom plastering renovation
    Plasterboard ceiling installation

    Suspended ceiling

    Suspended ceilings are an ideal way to create a fresh and impressive look in any space. They’re crafted from a plaster-covered backing which is then hung from a suspended frame, providing an opening for running cables and ducts as needed. The plaster coverings can usually be customized with a variety of colours and textures and provide an attractive finish. While this type of ceiling is often chosen for its aesthetics, it also has practical benefits such as sound insulation and easy access to the ventilation systems within. Suspended ceilings are perfect for enhancing any room while providing additional functional benefits too.