Gyprock Hole Patching Services Sydney

Do you have a hole on your gyprock wall that needs repair? No need to worry! Syndey Plasterer is here to offer you their plaster repair services that will get rid of your issues once and for all. Our highly experienced professionals use the latest technology to fix the wall holes, cracks, and patches.

We understand that with time your house can undergo various changes that may lead to damage to the plasterboard walls. Cracks and holes are the most common issues of people.

Sydney Gyprock Repair

Well, there are many reasons for which the walls and ceilings of your home can develop cracks, patches, or holes. Here are some of those scenarios.

Gyprock Doorknobs Holes Repair

One of the prime culprits behind the cracks and holes in the gyprock walls are the doorknobs of your house. Every time you open doors in your home, these doorknobs bang the plaster walls. This banging results in the generation of holes in the walls. These dents and damage need to be repaired with gyprock topcoat and a plaster patch.


    drywall gyprock repair hole in wall

    Gyprock Repair: Damage By Moving Furniture

    We all have furniture at our house, right! Which means we all need to move it for cleaning purposes. And you might have observed that with time, the furniture hits and damage the wall it has been aligned with. These holes also reduce the value of your property. You should seek for a Gyprock repair contractor.

    Plaster Damage By Wallpapers and Nails

    The third thing that can cause patches on the gyprock plasterboard walls of your place is wallpapers. Most of us use tapes or nails mount these wallpapers on the walls, and we take them down after some time or when we are moving out. They may pull out a whole patch of gyprock with them. Nails can cause small holes in the walls that may not look good. Hence, they need to be taken care of.

    All the above-described factors that are well known to Gyprock Sydney, and we deliver premium quality solutions related to all sorts of plaster issues.

    Why Consider Our Sydney Gyprock Patching Repair Services?

    Our skilled technicians and handymen at work understand the repair requirements and can assess precisely how damaged ceilings and walls need to be repaired promptly. We are pros at repairing plaster holes and plastering gyprock joints.

    We work to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction consideration for each project we work through. Our team of experts has the necessary skills to repair as well as replace damaged gyprock walls.

    Here are the services that you can contact us for,

    • Patch wall repair
    • Refurbishing cracked walls
    • Filling holes on gyprock.
    • Homogenize the texture and colour of repair work.
    • Renovation of the plasterboard wall. 
    Gyprock wall patch repairs

    How To Fix a Hole in a Plaster Wall

    plasterer sydney fixing gyprocker wall

    Small Plastering damage in Wall

    We can camouflage minor scars and dents plaster mudding your wall. The affected area is cleaned and sanded to remove any debris. After this, a thick paste of plaster mudding is used to close the area.

    Small Gyprock Hole Repair

    A hole wide by a few inches can be repaired easily with mesh and drywall mud. It can be fixed in a two coat process using a putty knife. After this, the area is painted to blend with the colour of the plastering once it dries.

    Medium Holes Gyprock Repair

    We use a small drywall piece to patch about a six inches wide hole with exact measurements to look uniform. The patch is covered with a joint compound in a criss-cross pattern. Once dry, another layer of compound is added. The edges are feathered to blend the repair.

    How to repair a hole on a gyprock wall

    Sydney Plastering Large Damage Repairs

    This usually calls for cutting the section to fit a new piece of gyprock carefully without damaging electrical fittings and pipes underneath. A bit of plasterboard bigger than the affected area is patched using gyprock screws. Then, a joint compound is used to secure it with plaster tape. This area is sanded and painted to camouflage it with the rest.

    You can rely on us for gyprock ceiling repair at affordable rates and within the agreed timeframe. We are professionals, and our motive is to maintain the highest standards of service. When it comes to providing quality gyprock patching, you can trust us to be reliable, proactive, and trustworthy. Contact us today to inquire about any patch up renovations.


    Sutherland Shire, Hurstville, Sydney Region, NSW

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