Sagging Gyprock Ceiling Sydney

Taking a sagging ceiling lightly isn’t something you should be doing. Not only is there a risk of property damage, but someone could get seriously hurt if standing underneath the ceiling. If you see any signs, it is essential to get the ceiling inspected and contract plasterer contractors to get the problem resolved. At Gyprock Sydney, we specialize on how to fix a sagging plaster ceiling.

Repair Sagging Gyprock Ceiling Sydney

Any homeowner or property manager should be aware of the signs on their plasterboard ceiling, even if your house is new. Here a few things that can determine if your gyprock isn’t in the right shape and needs immediate repair.

A cracking sound

Drop or sag in plasterboard sheeting

Visible cracks

Small blisters on the ceiling

Discolouration on the ceiling

All of these signs can easily be tackled if you inspect them at the initial stage. At Gyprock Ceiling Sydney, we know how important is the safety of our clients. Our professional services include gyprock installation and repair, plasterboard ceiling installation, cornice repair, and much more. It doesn’t matter if the scale of the job requires serious renovations; our dedicated team will handle the projects with precisions.


    Reasons Why your Suspended Gyprock Ceiling needs Repairs

    A potential sag in the ceiling may collapse and cause severe damage. It may be caused due to several reasons, including poor installation. Here are some causes for sagging ceilings.

    Gyprocker mounting a plasterboard sheet on metal frames ceiling

    Sagging Ceiling Due to Structural Movement

    Buildings can move due to seasonal changes. The foundation can expand, shrink, or move with the rise and fall in temperature. Moreover, this causes expansion in the materials that are holding up the structure, including shadow cornice and plasterboard causing the ceilings to sag and damage.

    Having your building inspected by an expert can make the repair hassle-free and quick. We provide services like commercial plastering in Sydney and make sure you always stay safe.

    Sagging Gyprock Ceiling Water Damage

    A leaking roof can cause massive damage to your ceiling. Even if you have just a few drops of water seeping onto your fibre insulation, it can lead towards the plastering breaking point. If you see a patch of moulds or stain, these could be the sign of water damage on your ceiling plasterboard and need to be addressed immediately.

    Gyprock plaster tapping by a tradesman

    Ceiling Gyprock Damage Cause by Vibration

    Heavy-duty roller doors attached to the building can often create sharp movements that are transferred to the ceiling by the walls metal frames. If these are repetitive enough, they can cause the ceilings to crack. Apart from that, windows and doors can also become misaligned as the ceiling’s structure damages.

    Ceiling Gyprock Damage Cause by Vibration

    Pests like termites and ants are a homeowner’s nightmare. The ceiling can fall prey to termites, just like any other wooden structure at your house. Pests can destroy timber structures and cause ceilings to sag or even collapse.

    To reduce the risk of pest invasion, paint and treat the exposed timber outside your home.

    Aged Gyprock Sagging Ceiling

    The age of a building or gyprock can be the root cause or sagging ceiling and cracks.

    Just as the building starts to age, the material that holds the building together starts to age as well, for instance, the gyprock screws ceiling. This results in the movement of the ceiling structure. You will also notice cracks around the cornices and sagging near the joined pieces of plasterboard.

    If you think new homes don’t have a risk of getting cracks in the ceiling or cornice, you are sadly mistaken! Just as the building starts to settle, the moisture in the adhesive will begin to evaporate, causing cracks. No matter what age is your building, it is best to call an expert plasterer when you see the ceiling sag.

    Getting in Touch with Gyprock Plaster Sydney

    Small gyprock cracks can turn into a significant problem if you leave it untreated. It can be a result of various issues and turn into the sagging ceiling. This indicates a problem that needs correction. It probably means that there is a leakage on your roof or your property siding work. Even the weight of the insulation can cause sagging.

    However, there are simple actions that can lead to a reduction in these risks. Ceiling Repairs Sydney brings to you first-class services when it comes to plasterboard damages. Our team of experts who look into the matter and solve the issue promptly. Whether a ceiling requires a little repair or a full renovation, we have you cover!


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